Blue house

This entry is from the reading from last week.

The image below is from a camera obscura I made in my childhood room. the image created shows the view from outside my window that looks onto my neighbors house. I lived next door to this house for about 18 years and in that time two different people have lived there, but the house has maintained the same blue accents on its windows. In the reading, Maggie Nelson talks about how she sees blue as a hopeful color, and other times its a color of despair. In my time living with the window towards the blue house, my feelings towards the view changed. As a kid I never felt any sort of way about the window, but as I got older, having that window was a weird reenforcement of being trapped in suburban hell. I was probably 14 when I realized I couldn’t sneak out of my house through the window because it was a straight 2 story fall, and that’s when the view of the blue house turned sour.

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