what is (s)he saying? to whom is (s)he talking?

This excerpt from Cole immediately made me think of the ways I ascribe meaning to images and the ways that is, or is not, influenced by proximity, my understanding of of visual politics, how I’m feeling about myself, or the relationship of the hues within a certain images. Specifically I’m thinking of the ways in which I view images of women in my family and the significance I ascribe to them, their gestures, and, as a result, their lives that is no doubt influenced by my own biases. I think this could be viewed as an issue, ascribing potentially unrelated significance to images, but I think the issue only arises when you view photographs as truth; I’d rather view them as tools. For example this images with the red rocks in the background is of my mother sitting by herself on the day of her second wedding and I think can speak to independence or loneliness or having something to prove depending on how its framed. None of this is really profound because of course images are symbols, but it is something I hope to be more intentional about utilizing especially in regard to images I am particularly close to.

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